Professional Security and Privacy Risk Management

Ironsides — Stealth Secure Phones

The most secure and robust privacy risk management tools available.

Originally designed to shield journalists operating in warzones, Ironsides combines multiple layers of interlocking and overlapping stealth, encryption and proactive security countermeasures to ensure privacy against a comprehensive range of real world threats.

Ironsides stealth phones automatically protect your privacy — you can focus on your job, Ironsides protects your privacy. Stealth phones are designed and built to defend you, your privacy, and your data against real threats including:

  • Casual Inspection
  • Coercion
  • Violent Theft
  • Lost Device
  • Hostile Analysis
  • Cyber Attack

Ironsides is the most secure stealth mobile device on the market. An easy to use full feature Android smarthphone that is also the most secure communications platform on the market. Ironsides is capable of resisting privacy invasions from physical access to coercion to remote attack.

Functional Modern Smartphones

Advanced security and privacy shields without sacrificing usability

Security is the top priority for Ironsides which is why ease of use is so important. As feature rich as any modern smartphone, Ironsides phones aren't destined for a dusty life as "the most secure phone in a desk drawer" — they're a pleasure to use as a daily phone.

Ironsides is powerful enough for the boardroom, fashionable enough for a night out, and rugged enough for fieldwork. A stealth secure mobile phone.

Ironsides mobiles provide the strongest privacy protection available. For people that demand a fully functional smartphone as well as the ultimate in security and privacy protections, there is only one choice → Ironsides.

Operational Security System Design Principles

Structured around compartmentation, concealment, cover, and automated countermeasures.

Ironsides is founded on strong compartmentation, well concealed, with air tight cover. Conceptually, Ironsides is two completely separate hardened Android smartphones inside a single device. There is a public side, which is fully functional and can be used to flesh out the cover that the phone is a normal device. From the public side, there is no way to manually detect the private compartmented secret Android environment. At all times Ironsides sensors are searching for indicators of an attack or a hostile environment. At the first sign of trouble, Ironsides automatically locks and secures the secret private compartment and silently switches over to the public phone.

The core strength of Ironsides is the secret hidden encrypted environment containing a secure communications suite, systems utilities and security apps. The secret compartment is a full Android experience, readily accessible by authorised users with the correct credentials. Unauthorised users and attackers, however, will be frustrated and thwarted by Ironsides. The device constantly monitors the operational environment where any hint of malicious activity will immediately secure and lock the secret compartment.

Ironsides uses automated security countermeasures to ensure maximum privacy protection at all times. An Ironsides stealth phone provide the same high quality security and privacy protections regardless of whether it is in: your pocket; hand; on a table; in the backseat of a taxi, or in the hands of the opposition.

Authorised users easily access their private data and secure communications suite. Unauthorised users, the opposition, will find themselves silently transitioned into the public environment regardless of attack vector. The secret compartment is encrypted with `AES-256-XTS`, `bcrypt()` and a hardware key unique to each device — mitigating against offline brute force attacks. Any attack immediately locks and secures the secret compartment exposing only the public Android environment.

Users can control the strength of Ironsides security responses: silently locking the compartment; shutting down the device; wiping the encryption keys, or even launching an immediate factory reset.

"Once the opposition is aware there is a secret, the first battle is lost."

Ironsides has no unique distinguishing marks or features to differentiate it from the hundreds of millions of other Android devices out there. It doesn't call attention to itself. The fully functional public Android environment is capable of passing a thorough manual analysis searching for the presence of Ironsides. The public environment is swiftly and silently loaded at any indication of coercion or unauthorised access attempts, thwarting any attempt to violate the privacy of your secret compartmented data. There is no way to manually identify Ironsides stealth phones.

Even if Ironsides stealth protections are not sufficient, the inherent security of the system ensures that without the user's active cooperation there is no way to access the secret compartment.

Features and Functionality

Secure, private and fully loaded.

Ironsides is pre-installed with a complete secure communications suite, utilities and security apps. It is immediately usable, exremely secure and ready to protect your privacy right out the box.

  • Secure communications suite
    • Signal compatible secure messenger.
    • XMPP OTR + OMEMO encrypted chat.
    • Encrypted email.
    • PGP support
    • Anonymous encrypted messenger.
    • And more...
  • Utilities
    • File System manager.
    • QR code scanner, generator (eases verifying cryptographic fingerprints.)
    • Note pad, TODO list manager, and basic drawing app.
    • Additional utilities.
  • Security Tools
    • Bitcoin wallet.
    • Cover protecting apps.
    • TOTP Authenticator
    • Password Manager
    • Ironsides Enhanced Security.

Available Models

Advanced security and privacy systems without sacrificing usability

For security reasons the exact model devices used for Ironsides phones are not public. All devices are recent modern Android devices which would be common in any country.

There are currently two models available with more on the roadmap for this year.

Personal5 in. screen, light, powerful, comfortable to hold
Professional6 in. screen, great battery life and rugged body

Every device has the same excellent Ironsides security and privacy risk management features. Ironsides provides the same high quality security to all our customers, regardless of which device they purchase.

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